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The FREE Questions for Jesus Mobile App (for iPhone or Android) uses profound questions to jump-start deep conversations with God. Created by world-renowned coach Tony Stoltzfus (author of Amazon.com’s best-selling Coaching Questions book) and used by thousands of people worldwide, the Questions for Jesus approach will have you praying prayers that get answered— prayers like these:

  • “Jesus, what makes you proud of me today?”
  • “Jesus, what nicknames have you given me?”
  • “Jesus, what do you do when I’m sleeping?”
  • “Jesus, if you designed a room for me, what would it look like?”
  • “Jesus, how would my life be significant to you even if I never accomplished another thing?”

Use the Questions for Jesus Mobile App as part of your devotional time and as a prayer journal on the go. 

What's Included

  • Six months of weekly meditations (26 in total) that bring the book of Matthew to life.
  • Five creative questions to ask Jesus with each meditation.
  • Beautiful instrumental music while you pray (11 tracks included for free).
  • Prayer timer to keep you focused.
  • An online journal to document what you hear from Jesus.
  • Social tools that allow you to share with others from your prayer journal.
  • Ability to sync up apps with a group so you are all praying and sharing the same question each day.
  • Articles and training videos about praying your desire if you feel stuck or have questions.

Experience a fresh intimacy with Jesus and download this free app today!

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