MetaFormation was launched in 2011 in Redding California by author, speaker, and master coach Tony Stoltzfus. Through his work with senior leaders navigating challenging transitions, he discovered much of their pain centred around their brokenness or those of others. This gave him a passion to raise leaders who are whole and impacting others from a healthier place.

MetaFormation initially focused on equipping vocational ministers but has since expanded to develop leaders in the fields of business, arts, government and healthcare.

Our vision:
To transform the world by equipping leaders with practical tools that facilitate life change in their own hearts as well as those they lead.

Our mission:
To train 100,000 leaders by the year 2040 with MetaFormation's powerful coaching tools. If each of those leaders touch 10 people, 1 million people would be reached. If each leader impacts 100 people, then 10 million people would be reached.

Offering transformational Christian coach training for over 15 years.


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