Nov 27 2023 - Dec 15 2023


9:00 am - 6:00 pm




Coaching Session

Experience Encounter Coaching | Jason Wells

Coaching Niche: Jason coaches ministry leaders who find themselves in a season of challenging life transition. Through encounter coaching, he helps them take their darkest life circumstance and get reacquainted with a God that not only loves them (because that’s in His job description) but actually likes them.

Jason’s Core Desires: Recognition & Approval

Jason’s heart to lead people into deeper intimacy with Jesus has compelled him into 30 years of full-time ministry. For most, that place of deepest intimacy occurs when meeting God in the place of suffering – a place Jason is well acquainted. It is in those places that Jason meets his clients and empower them to meet Jesus in profound, life-changing ways. Though possessing dual masters degrees in Counseling and Ministry, it was the transformational power of Encounter Coaching that fully captured his heart.