Empowering deep and lasting change with Jesus... in less time

Imagine facilitating lasting transformation in less time with those you influence.

You want to lead a life that makes a difference.

You’ve done everything you could to develop skills, grow your relationship with God, seek advice from others.

But still you feel frustrated by the lack of impact on those you influence.

You don’t want to quit, but you don’t know what else to do.

Allow MetaFormation to show you a better way.

When you have the skills to consistently bring people into powerful encounters with Jesus…

Those around you experience radical transformation that impacts generations.

Through MetaFormation, you will:

  • Learn the tools to have greater impact in less time 
  • Learn to consistently encounter God and empower others to do the same
  • Renew your own intimacy, passion and purpose with God
  • Accelerate the spiritual and personal growth of those you lead 
  • Empower others to fulfill their God-given destiny
  • Receive ongoing support and connection with like-minded, like-hearted leaders 

Join a worldwide tribe of leaders harnessing the power of MetaFormation’s Encounter Coaching

3 Ways To Get Equipped


Check out our best-selling coaching books and resources from Tony Stoltzfus. From “The Invitation” to “Leadership Coaching”, you’ll find the resources you need to propel your coaching journey.

Encounter Coaching

Bring Jesus into the conversation. Encounter coaching addresses the emotional brain, so you will experience lasting change through heart transformation, instead of temporary behavior modification. 


Our Workshops give you a taste of what  MetaFormation is all about. In these sessions, you will experience the power of dialoguing with Jesus and the transformation it brings.

About The Founder

Tony Stoltzfus is a well-known author, speaker and the Founder of MetaFormation. He has been a coach and coach trainer for over 20 years. Tony equips leaders with practical tools and techniques that produce lasting, significant change.

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